This page outlines the current available functionality of Simfany and will be updated as more functionality is added.

Browsing as a guest

When you first come to the site as a guest you can view the "Popular collections" and click on them to see what videos are there. To the right of them there's a "Video URL or Embed Code" box. This is the main way to add videos to your collections. You copy the code into that box and click the "Add video to my collection" link. You have to be a registered user to be able to save videos into collections. So go ahead and register!

As a guest you can also use the "Popular videos" and "Recent videos" tabs and by clicking on the thumbnails below those tabs you can play the videos in the main video player window. Give it a try.

Registering and becoming a user

At the top left corner you will see the Register link. Click on it and type in your email address. You should get a welcome email within a few seconds. You will find your login information there.

After that a good thing to do is to assign yourself a nickname. Log in to Simfany and click on the "My collections" link at the top. You will be redirected to your collections page. This is the page that you will be able to share with others and let them appreciate what you have created. Your first time there you will not see any collections because you haven't created anything yet. Look up next to "Create new collection" link. There will be a box to type in your nickname. You can only change it once at this point, so come up with something good.

The reason why you need a nick is so that the address of your collections will have your name in it. For example:

Adding a video

Each video on the Internet has a URL or embed code associated with it. That is the code that you need to copy into the box.

Go to your favorite video site like YouTube or Google video. Find a video that you'd like to add to your collection and look to the right of it for the URL or embed code. You need to copy it "Ctrl - C" and then copy it to the box on Simfany "Ctrl - V" then just click "Add video to my collection" link. Your video is now added to an "Unsorted" category.

Supported video services:

  • (including playlists and profile custom player)
  • (profile player)

Creating a collection

You can now assign this video to a collection. Click "edit" next to collection title and type in the name of your new collection. While typing in the name for your collection you will see a list of suggested names that are already in the system. This feature will give you an idea of a good name and ensure the correct spelling.

Once you have one or more collections, you can add videos to them. "Add video to my collection" works in the following way. If you are inside a collection already and add a new video code the system will file that video in that collection. If you try to add a video from any other page it will be automatically added to the "My unsorted videos" collection. From there you can click on the video and assign it to a collection.

Titles and descriptions of videos

When you add a video, the tile and the description of it are copied from the video source that you bookmarked it from. You can create your own descriptions and titles. This is recommended to make your collections more search engine friendly.

Page content and search engine optimization

After some time, some of your videos or even entire collections will rank very high on the Internet and this will give you an opportunity to start earning money with your pages. We plan on implementing a few different plans that will enable you to do that.

Ideally you would create your own description for every video and a useful and descriptive title. An ideal description should contain a few paragraphs of valuable information about the video, characters /events in the video, and your comments.