Simfany Applications

This page contains a list of applications that were created using Simfany's API.

When browsing the web you encounter many interesting videos that you either would like to share with friends or watch again in the future. The applications developed for Simfany make this process smooth and efficient. The idea is to effortlessly do anything related to your video collections.


If you have a Wordpress-based website and would like to embed videos into your posts SAVE (Simfany Any Video Embedder) is the way to go! Is supports all embeddable video formats and doesn't need to be updated. New formats and services are dynamically added to it. The easy-to-use interface makes the plug-in very pleasant to use.


If you use Firefox a lot to watch videos online and to do any other web surfing, you might be interested in Simfany plug-in for FireFox. When installed, it will recognize videos on the web pages you are viewing and if you point the cursor to a video you will see the "Bookmark this video" link right below the video player. Click on it to add the video to your collections. The first time you do that it will ask you to supply your Simfany account login but then it will remember it and will quickly add your video. At a later time you will log in to your Simfany account and organize the freshly videos from the unsorted category. This plug-in currently supports YouTube video service.

Video Page

Ever wanted to have a video page on your site? Well, now it's easy to do with the Simfany Video Page. The Simfany video page script displays your video collections that you have on Simfany right on your own site! There is also a video player that can play your videos when people click on them and a very flexible design style that can be configured to match the design of your site.