Simfany team consists of professionals and non-professionals from various fields of expertise - information technology, marketing, management, video editing, web design and even medicine.

We created Simfany to allow all of us to bookmark our favorite videos from different resources and organize them into collections. Then those collections can be shared with others or made private.

We also created Simfany as a marketing and competition tool that will allow all of our users to have fun competing with others, socialize and make some money.

Our mission statement

We configured Simfany to work with Youtube, Google video and Pseudo. However, Simfany is not limited to those services. When you add a code that Simfany doesn't yet support, we will examine it and if it looks like a good one will make it available. This way Sifmany will become compatible with more and more new services.

Simfany has many applications. It can be used by students doing a research on a particular subject, to compile presentations, to make play video lists for parties, to organize lessons and learn how to play guitar, do yoga or martial arts, and many other things.

We will constantly update Simfany with new features that will allow you to do more with your video collections and with the videos themselves.